Ottawa Internet Exchange finds new home

OTTIX, a public Internet Exchange for the Ottawa-Carleton region, has
selected Cyberus Online Inc. as their new provider of facilities.  Cyberus
is pleased to be donating facilities to OTTIX.

OTTIX provides a valuable service to the Ottawa-Carleton region.  It allows
Internet users of OTTIX-enabled members to load web pages and send emails to
other OTTIX-enabled institutions with greater speed and reliability than
would otherwise be possible.  In addition, the shorter delays experienced
between OTTIX-enabled members creates an opportunity for more real-time
applications to be used, encouraging a win-win situation for OTTIX-enabled
ISP's and their customers.

Current OTTIX members include: Achilles Internet, Communications Research
Centre (CRC), Cyberus Online Inc., Glen-Net Communications Inc., Information
Gateway Services (IGS), Iosphere Internet, Istop Internet, Storm Internet
Services, Travel-net Communications Inc. and Worldchat Internet Services.

The donation of Cyberus facilities to OTTIX ensures that OTTIX will be able
to continue to provide local Internet traffic exchange for these members.

OTTIX invites Internet providers, schools, colleges, universities,
government departments, large companies and any organization with
significant local presence on the Internet as either a consumer or a
provider of Internet bandwidth to join.  Information regarding membership
can be found on the OTTIX website.

OTTIX was founded in 2001 by Jacob Zack of IGS and William F. Maton of CRC.
OTTIX is an initiative to help increase speed, lower latencies and increase
reliability of local Internet use within the Ottawa-Gatineau-Hull region.
IGS provided the initial facilities to OTTIX. More information on OTTIX can
be obtained at

Cyberus Online Inc. was incorporated in 1995 and rapidly became a leading
independent Internet Service Provider. The company has provided quality
service to over 40,000 subscribers to date. Headquartered in Ottawa, and
providing service across Canada, Cyberus provides a full spectrum of
Internet services from dial-up to high speed DSL service as well as on-site
network consulting services, domain hosting, and server co-location. More
information can be obtained at

For further information: Roy Hooper, System Administrator, Cyberus Online
Inc., (613) 233-5555 x609,

Copyright 2002 The Ottawa Internet Exchange.